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Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

This Summer Fashion Karina Dresses outfit of the day is made possible by Karina Dresses, where I received an Adele Dress free of charge to model as part of the ongoing Frockstar™ Nation Event. All opinions are my own. 

Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

Welcome to July! July is one of the hottest months of the year in our area. So that means that Fashion also takes a turn to be more heat conscious. Colors try to match the season, and fabric becomes a bit scarce. So how is one to beat the heat while still being fashionable?

Beat the Heat Fashion

Summer is usually when I wear dresses the most. Not just for fashion or to look nice. No, I’m far to practical for that. I learned quickly the summer of 2009, being in my 3rd trimester with Miss Jade in the Kansas heat well over 100 degrees with a lot of humidity, dresses are one of the best ways to stay cool!

A dress offers a lot more air flow, it offers you a simple way to beat the heat. Especially if you pick the right dress made from the right material. That is why I love the Adele from Karina Dresses!

The Adele is a full-length maxi dress, and features a waistband, with a v-front and a v-back. It is very lightweight. The lightest of all my Karina Dresses. And extremely comfortable! That is a must for me. Plus it has that extra length which makes is the perfect choice for a day of shopping, a day at the beach or even a night out on the town!

Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

Walk barefoot in the sand, or dress it up with a chic pair of beaded healed sandals! The Adele from Karina dresses is one of my top ways to beat the heat and remain fashionable.

Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

To accessorize, you want something light. Nothing too heavy as that will weight you down and make you feel hotter. Its a mind game, but it works. Reach for very light weight jewelry.

As you should be aware now, I’m a bit more on the modest end of the fashion spectrum. You won’t find me sleeveless or with plunging necklines. But that doesn’t mean I let that dictate when I find the perfect dress. This month I am sporting the amazing half tee. It adds a little higher neckline and cap sleeves for those that like to be a little more covered, but don’t like the heat of traditional layering. Throw a little half tee under the Adele and you are set to have the most comfortable dress to beat the heat this summer!

Get the Look

  • Adele from Karina Dresses
  • Chocolate half tee
  • Beaded white sandals
  • Paparazzi jewelry for flare without weight.

Beat the Heat Fashion with Karina Dresses

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How do you beat the heat with fashion in your area?

What is your favorite Karina Dress?



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mechele johnson

Thursday 31st of July 2014

This one is totally my style! Love the pink!

Jo-Anne Pfoh

Thursday 31st of July 2014

looking so amazing

cody pfoh

Tuesday 29th of July 2014

u look so nice

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