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Bears for Humanity – Animal Pals

This post was facilitated by Bears for Humanity. All opinions are my own.

I’m in that stage of life where a lot of my friends and family are having babies or they have young kids. What a great experience, to be around so much life and innocence!

We hand out a lot of baby gifts. We always try to be practical and get things mom and baby need (like this gift basket full of essentials!). But you HAVE to include something darling for the little darling.

However, when giving the gift of something snuggly, there are things I worry about. Like the filling, and buttons on eyes and clothing that could come off and choke baby.

Have you ever heard about Bears for Humanity?

Bears for Humanity Animal Pals

We’ve featured them before, and we want to show them again because they’re that amazing. They’re bears and stuffed animals are made with Bears for Humanity, fair trade materials. And – no buttons! No choking hazards!

Fuzzy feet

And not only that, every one is hand sewn – giving women in need a place to go to support themselves and their families.

So if that’s not enough of a reason to buy from Bears for Humanity, I’ll give you another. Every bear you purchase, they’ll donate another to a child in need. So YOU get a bear, and you’re buying a bear for another child who needs it. What more can you ask for?

Animal Pals from Bears for Humanity

Once I saw these stinking adorable little guys, I HAD to have one. Or two. Ok, three! They’re totally adorable. I mean, really? I dino?! So cute.

Dino Animal Pal

And that turtle is to die for.

Turtle Animal Pal

I’m a sucker for giraffe’s so I just had to say yes.

Giraffe Animal Pal

Head over to their website or Amazon and pick a bear or a new animal from their animal line! If you go to their website, you can use this code for free shipping:


It’s good through the end of August 2016.

There are so many good reasons to support Bears for Humanity. With so much pain and hardship in the world, this is one way to spread the love.

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Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Those are very cute stuffed animals. It's nice that they're safe for baby. I like that they give one to a needy child when you purchase one. If I need a baby gift, I'll have to remember to look for these on Amazon. Thanks for telling us about them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.