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BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment.

In this cold weather, it is very important that we have quality footwear that will protect us from the cold weather. But often all I can find that keep my feet warm enough are ugly large clunkers! Who wants to go out in that if you are just running errands around town? Is there something that offers fashion footwear for winter? Well, there is! BEARPAWS! Have you heard of them? I hadn’t until recently. But I have quickly fallen in love. Seriously it was quite easy to fall in love with BEARPAWS!

BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment

Why choose BEARPAWS for Fashion Footwear?

BEARPAWS create fashion forward products which feature the best in comfort, quality, materials and craftsmanship! They use authentic materials known for quality. They utilize the sheepskin which is known for keeping feet cool and dry in the heat and warm in cold.

They produce fashion footwear not only for women but for men, children and infants! They not only produce winter footwear but also casual, slippers and more. They are full of a wide variety that is sure to please any need. Check out just a few of my favorites from their website!


BEARPAWS Winter Boots Fashion


BEARPAW footwear has carved out their own unique niche and is now seen as a lifestyle, one that reflects who you are and what’s important to you.

A closer Look at BEARPAWS

As I mentioned, I have fallen in love with BEARPAWS! It took me forever to choose a single boot. I mean, did you look at those boots I showed before? I mean, a lot of cute boots right? But I finally settled on the Tama II boots. Even harder was deciding if I wanted the chocolate color or black. It was a hard choice and even the Husband couldn’t help me out. He said he loved the look of both of them and said I’d look hot in either one. Ha! Yes, he likes when I dress nice and the boots totally make the outfit!

BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment

When I first tried on the BEARPAWS Tama II boots, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft  they are! Wow! Talk about comfort! Both inside and out! They were a bit tight on my feet at first. But that tightness only lasted for the first day. Then they were broken in and they fit perfectly! Although they do recommend getting one size larger than your normal foot size. Due to the lining and how it can make the shoe fit up to one size too small. I am normally a size 7.5 so I got a size 8 boot. I knew a 9 would be too big. And I’m sure glad I did.

The boots look amazing with dresses, my jeans and even leggings! Seriously they have brought fashion back to my winter wardrobe! That is something I have missed. Now I just need a new winter coat and I can totally rock it! Lol.

The inside of the boots is a wool blend lining with a sheepskin footbed. It features a heal woven logo. And the tread is amazing. It is a semi clear rubber with cork cupsole. It features a water shedding tread design and stitched detail. Basically these boots are amazingly warm on the inside and help keep your footing on icy walkways! No, they won’t prevent you from slipping and falling. But they have definitely given me more traction than my big clonking winter boots did! Plus the Tama II aren’t as heavy on my feet! I don’t feel like I have 5 pound weights around each ankle. That is a big bonus! And they look much better too.

BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment


The outside of the boot is designed with a Cow suede vamp. It also features rabbit fur banded trim and ties with pom poms. I love the pom poms! And each tie also features a little wooden bead. They add style to an amazingly comfortable boot!

BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment


So how do they fair in cold weather? That is the important question right? I mean you wouldn’t be wearing these in a balmy 70 degree weather would you? Ok, maybe if your normal temperatures are in the 90’s you may be cold at 70 and want these. But I’m talking real cold weather!

The BEARPAWS arrived just in time. They came the night we started having solid below 0 temperatures. It started slightly with -5 and -10 in the evenings and early mornings. Then it got worse and has been a solid -23 at night and highs of -2! Seriously not a fan. This is why I need warm winter boots. Obviously in cold temperatures like that you don’t want to be out very long. But the BEARPAWS have been absolutely amazing at keeping my precious toes warm. I didn’t feel the biting cold. Actually my feet were the warmest part of my entire body when I had to venture out of the house.

BEARPAWS at present doesn’t have a winter weather rating on the boots. I asked about it. Apparently it takes a lot of costly testing and evaluation to have it done. And it takes a lot of time too. It’s in the works, but not completed as yet. So we don’t know what temperature these boots are rated for. But I can tell you they have been amazing the last 2 weeks in our frigid weather.

BEARPAWS Fashion Footwear, Warmth and Fashion Meet to Compliment


I absolutely love my BEARPAWS. They are stylish, warm, and very comfortable. I normally am not a shoe person. I take my shoes off as soon as I can! But I’ve been known to just leave these boots on around the house.

I recently announced to my personal  friends that I had fallen in love with some BEARPAW boots. They started replying how much they love their own BEARPAW boots. They have different styles, but the comments were always the same. They love them. They are comfortable. They are warm. They are worth the price as they last! So yes, BEARPAWS are a little more on the pricey end. But you really get what you pay for. High quality and durability. My friends have had their BEARPAWS for years and still going strong. I expect my pair to last me quite a while as well.

Connect with BEARPAWS

You can learn more about BEARPAWS and see all the fashion footwear they have to offer by visiting their website! They also have a sister site BEARPAWSSTYLE! Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on seasonal items, sales and promotional events!

Also BEARPAWS would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for HIM as they have a great men’s line. Or you can start dropping hints now to your special someone that you want a pair of BEARPAW boots yourself!

What is your favorite feature of the fashion footwear from BEARPAW?

Which BEARPAW boots have captured your heart?


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