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Get Your Bathroom Ready for Holiday Guests

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Holidays. You gotta love them, right?!

I know I do. I love the lights, the music, the friendly faces and the food. Always the food. I love when family gets together for no other reason than just to be together.

Family getting together means family staying together. Which means, inevitably, someone will be using your bathroom. Is it company ready? Now that’s a question that will strike fear into the heart of many!

Are you hosting family or friends this year during the holidays? Here are five ways to be ready for company!


How To Make Your Bathroom Ready for Guests

1. Have extra toilet paper easily accessible from the porcelain throne.


No one – I repeat, no one – wants to be stranded and unsure of where to find toilet paper, let alone being able to reach it.

2. Make sure the view from the seat is clean. We focus on cleaning the toilet itself, but make sure whatever the guest has to look at isn’t so bad on the eyes. As in wipe down the baseboards. Vacuum the rugs. Have a pretty picture hanging somewhere they can see it.

3. Make sure there are clean towels in an obvious place.


It’s not that embarrassing to ask for a towel before showering, but if you have them available, guests will know you went the extra mile to care for them. It can be as simple as putting them on the counter so they can see them. Or when you show your guests around, show them their towels in the drawer, cabinet or closet.

4. Is there a fragrance spray somewhere nearby? There needs to be! Odors are not our friends. Fragrances are. Know the difference.


My toilet display has toilet paper, fragrance spray and hand towels all in one aesthetically pleasing tower of usefulness.

5. And finally, make sure toilet tools are on hand! No one wants to ask their host for a plunger or a scrubber. How embarrassing!


If you’re looking for a scrubber to keep on hand for your bathroom, the Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber is exactly what you need!


The Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber scrubs the messes you’ve been leaving behind. Yikes! It’s shaped to access stains left under the rim of the toilet.


I tell ya, I’d rather catch them now before I have to reach my hand way in there. I have no problem letting the Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber do it for me!

I love that it has a bleach alternative and pumice right in the scrubbing head! And that head is flexible, allowing maximum contact with the toilet bowl.

And let’s be real. I LOVE that it’s disposable! I have this gag reflex when it comes to toilet brushes. You’re cleaning you-know-what off the toilet, and then you’re going to store it right there? Ugh. No thanks. In fact, the box even says that the handle is long for a no-touch experience.


Bless you, Scotch-Brite™. Bless you.

I grabbed mine at Smith’s.


You can get yours at any Kroger banner store, like Fred Meyer or Dillon’s. Plus there’s a buy one get on offer (staring 12/4)! You can’t be that my friends. And if you want to see what other bloggers are doing with their Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber, visit here!

And if you want more help on keeping that bathroom clean, here is Amber’s free printable checklist! And speaking of holidays – as in keeping your house ready for holiday guests! – check out Amber’s post on how to bring the Christmas spirit into your home this holiday season.

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Monday 5th of December 2016

Love these tips...such great holiday reminders! {client}

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.