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    Keep Track of Baby with Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    This post was sponsored by Baby’s Journey as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary merchandise to facilitate my review – all opinions are my own. 

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    When you get a new baby, a must have is a baby monitor. But with technology advances as they have been why settle for an old sound monitor when you can have an amazing video baby monitor like the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor?

    A Look at Baby’s Journey

    Honestly if you are moving up to a video monitor you will absolutely love the features of the Baby’s Journey! It is the perfect baby monitor for new parents. And even better when you can get it right before baby is born because of the unique milestone tracking features that no other monitor has!

    It comes with all you need in the box such as

    • Video Camera
    • Monitor
    • Power chords
    • Hanging Accessories
    • plus safety accessories that you attach to the camera’s power chord to keep it safely in place against the wall and not hanging loose for baby to grab and pull and be a safety hazard!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    And it is quite simple to set up as well. Simply set up the camera where you want it. Plug it in. Then turn on the monitor and it will prompt you to set up an account and select your camera. You type in the code that is on the back of the camera and it connects. And you are all set!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    You can name the camera in case you get extra camera’s for different areas of the home. And now you can log in and view your little precious baby at any time thanks to the infrared LED’s that make night viewing easy! Plus you can check the room temperature at any given moment to make sure it is comfortable for baby’s sleep. And it is compatible with any service provider.

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor


    So with all the video baby monitors on the market now, why would someone want the Baby’s Journey Monitor over all the other monitors? What makes the Baby’s Journey so unique is the ability to track important milestones and daily actives with your baby, because we all know Mom’s brain is still mush from lack of sleep! Anything to help us remember the important info like when you last fed baby, or when the last diaper change was is a bonus in my book!

    These are also important things to keep track of because they are things that the Doctor always asks you at baby checkup appointments! Such as

    • feeding schedule -bottle and ounces OR Breastfeeding.
    • # of diaper changes in a day and if they are wet or poopy
    • any medications you’ve given the baby and when each dose was given.
    • baby’s sleep schedule. When they sleep and for how long
    • baby’s weight and length growth after each appointment

    Plus to make it all extra simple, you can even use the AT&T Smart Sync Mobile App on your phone to log into your account and see all the data! No need to take the monitor to the Doctor Appointment. Just open your app on your phone and all the data is right there at your finger tips to answer all the questions! This is going to be a lifesaver at Rose’s 9 month checkup in  June!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    I absolutely love the feeding tracking! I can never remember the last time I fed little Rose. Nor do I remember the side she ate on last either. But it’s so simple. I just sit down, open the feeding tracker and click start! It is an actual timer that will time how long she feeds. Then When she is done I click pause and save. It’s all saved for me! It notes which side I fed her on, and for how long!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    If you are bottle feeding it allows you to track how many ounces your baby eats instead of time.

    And as I mentioned before I am in love with the mobile App! I don’t always have the baby monitor with me at all times. Sometimes I set it down and forget where I put it! Or it’s on the charging station because I let it run out of batteries yet again for the 3rd time that day!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    So I love being able to open my phone to the Smart Sync app and continue to see my little Rose in her bed, or use it to track milestones, feedings, diaper changes and such.

    Plus for the social parents out there you can can capture and share photos directly to social media directly from the monitor or via the app! It’s a great way to keep Grandma in the loop of how the new baby is doing.

    Learn more by visiting  Baby’s Journey Homepage. You can also purchase your own Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor on Babies ‘R’ Us website!

    Keep Track of Baby with Baby's Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor

    Which feature of the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor do you love most?


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    Catherine Anderson

    Monday 13th of June 2016

    Gotta agree that this baby monitor is pretty great. I think the image quality is far better than most monitors on the market. Most importantly, it even comes with tons of unique features.

    Allie D.

    Monday 16th of May 2016

    This is something that I would definitely consider getting should we have another baby. I like all the different features and that it has an app that works with the product.

    Christine J.

    Monday 16th of May 2016

    It is crazy to see how much technology has changed baby monitors! It is pretty great that this baby monitor can do so much!


    Friday 13th of May 2016

    When my daughter was a baby her monitor was nothing like this, this is wonderful. I will have to share this with my niece who is expecting this would be great for her.


    Friday 13th of May 2016

    Boy, baby monitors have gotten high tech since my teens were infants! Mine was basically a microphone that played into a speaker in my room! This looks really cool!