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What to Expect After Baby’s First Steps

Your baby’s first steps are an incredible developmental milestone. But are you prepared? 10 things you need to know beyond just baby proofing your home.

Baby’s First steps preparedness is sponsored by Pampers at Sam’s Club. All opinions are our own. 

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

When your baby becomes mobile, your whole world shifts. Gone are the days when you could lay your baby down and walk to the kitchen to get a drink and know they will still be in the same place when you come back.

Oh no, now your baby will be long gone by the time you return. This is the stage when Moms tend to develop the 2nd pair of eyes in the back of their heads. Out of pure survival instincts.

Most people think that after baby’s first steps the most important thing is to baby proof your home, but what about everything else?

Don’t get me wrong, baby proofing your home is important, and you can learn all about how to baby proof your home HERE. But there are many more things to be prepared for beyond baby proofing your home after baby’s first steps.

Beyond Baby Proofing for Baby’s First Steps

For first time moms or even moms who have a large space between children, who may have forgotten what comes with a walking baby, that’s why we’re here. To help you prepare for what is to come after baby’s first steps so you can survive this beautiful milestone.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Bumps and Bruises

After baby learns to walk, be prepared for bumps, bruises, and even goose eggs. And sometimes you might even worry that someone who sees your bruised baby, that doesn’t understand that brand new toddlers often fall and bruise, might report you to Child Protective Services. It’s a built-in worry in this day and age. But babies learning to walk are clumsy! It’s a given fact.

I’ve had babies walk straight into the wall, into a door frame and even fall and hit their head into the protruding corner of the wall, resulting in a small cut and big goose egg.

My 2nd child was the worst! From the ages of 16 months to 3 years, I swear he had a new bruise every week! And just my luck it would be on his head in full view of everyone. Nothing like fearing someone will report you for child abuse because your baby is unsteady on their feet for a few years.

Just because they fall and get a bump doesn’t make you a horrible mom, even though you might feel like one. It’s natural and will happen as your baby learns to master the power of their feet.

 Make sure your home is childproofed, and watch them carefully at all times. Then try not to stress over their inevitable (and numerous) tumbles.


You now own a Climbing Monkey

Soon after baby’s first steps, they decide they’d rather be a climbing monkey! Now your baby will see items or destinations they want.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

They get the adrenaline rush from knowing they now can proceed to said item/location on their own. Even if it means climbing on the plant pot so they can reach the banana on the counter. Or climb on the bookcase because they want the TV remote you put out of reach.

Or even climbing on the outside of the stairs banister because they want to go upstairs but you blocked off the stairs. No problem, they’ll just climb up the outside step ledge with the banister.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Yes, I’ve experienced all of those Monkey attempts from my children. As soon as they could walk steadily on their own, they immediately decided to climb! There was no stopping them.

Just try to keep a close eye and be ready to catch them in their attempts.


Forego the Shoes For Now

Many parents think that once baby starts walking, it’s the perfect time to go get those adorable tiny shoes for your baby to wear. Well, you may want to wait just a little longer.

Read any current parenting advice on this topic. They all agree that squishing their tiny feet into stiff shackling shoes is equivalent to a modern version of feet binding all in the name of fashion.

Not to mention, they are just learning to walk as it is. They don’t need you to throw a curveball of heavyweights on their feet that throw off their natural balance.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Instead, opt for barefoot as they learn to walk. If it’s cold or you are outside and they need foot protection opt instead for natural moccasin type shoes or non-skid socks. This offers them protection while still allowing them a natural walking experience.

It’s important to let your child learn to walk barefoot as it builds muscle tone in their feet and ankles, helps their arches develop, and improves balance and coordination.

You can move onto shoes after your baby becomes more stable on their feet. Just look for shoes that are wide enough so their feet aren’t squished. And make sure to measure carefully to get the correct size.


Babies are FAST!

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Once baby starts walking, they are FAST! You wouldn’t think it, with their short chubby and wobbly legs. But they can disappear and get into trouble faster than you can exhale. They are worse than weeping angels!

*Don’t blink*

*Don’t blink*

*Don’t blink*

At least weeping angels can’t move when you look at them. Your walking toddler only gets faster as now they think it’s a game of cat and mouse.

“Oh! Mommy is chasing me! Must go faster to get away!”

Bye Bye Bathroom Privacy

After baby’s first steps, say goodbye to bathroom privacy. Your little one will now follow you everywhere you don’t want them to follow.

Yah, bathroom time is like bright flashing neon lights signaling it’s GO TIME for the mini you to seek and destroy any brief moment of peace.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Even if you shut and lock the door, you can’t escape. You will soon have

*knock *knock *knock, “Mommy?”

*knock *knock *knock, “Mommy?”

*knock *knock *knock, “Mommy?”

Followed by tiny fingers exploring and penetrating the space under the door.

You can’t hide!

A Clean House Becomes a Sweet Memory

Oh, and that nice clean house you have been so proud of keeping? Yeah, that’s gone too. Because remember how I said they are fast?

They easily move from station to station making messes faster than you can clean it up. Just let go!

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Do a quick pick up after they go down for nap time and then again after bedtime. They will be the only times of a spotless house you will ever see for a few years.

Independence and the Screaming, OH the Screaming!

After baby’s first steps, many become more independent. They have just discovered the magical freedom of independent movement!

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

So obviously they no longer want to go where you direct them. They want to run free and explore on their own.

“Oh Mommy wants me to stay on the sidewalk? But the street looks far more fun!”

Be prepared for more screaming tantrums when you pick up your baby instead of letting them run free wherever their little feet carry them.

Just be sure to allow them time to run free in safe locations to grow and develop this new skill of walking. But be prepared for more screaming when it’s time to go and your little walker doesn’t want to quite give up their independence yet.

Don’t shield baby from stairs

After baby’s first steps, of course, the first thing many parents do is secure a gate to prevent them from falling down the stairs. Which is a good thing!

But also realize in order to develop appropriately they will need to learn how to navigate stairs.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Don’t make the mistake we did with Miss Jade. We secured our stairs. We only had one set and there was no reason for her to ever go downstairs. Downstairs was only our storage room and her brother’s bedrooms. Without realizing it, Jade never got exposed to stairs.

When she was 3, her physical therapist asked if she could walk down the stairs. It was a shock to think about it and realized she had never been allowed to try! We had really missed the mark. And now she was behind schedule with her development.

Take time to experience the stairs together. Let your baby try to climb while you are there to catch them. Teach them how to crawl down backward.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

We made sure that Rose was fully exposed to the stairs. Since her bedroom is upstairs, we make her practice climbing and walking down the stairs every morning, naptime and bedtime.

When your baby is more steady on their feet (around 18 months-2 years) you can help them learn to walk up and down the stairs holding your hand and eventually graduating to doing it themselves.

You Will Need New Diapers

You may find with a mobile baby that your regular diapers aren’t quite cutting it anymore. Are you experiencing more leaks? That’s because a mobile baby moves differently and you need a diaper that moves with them!

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

With all four kids, as soon as they started walking, I had to change diapers to one that is designed to keep up with a moving baby.

For us, that is Pampers Cruisers. Pampers Cruisers are specially designed to fit a moving baby’s body and flex with each movement and don’t sag. So you will have less leaky messes.

Pampers Cruises have a unique 3-way fit that adapts at waist, legs, and bottom. They have flexible leg cuffs that gently seal around baby’s legs for a strong leakage barrier. 

Not to mention the extra absorb channels for 12 hours of dryness and less sagging. So you can be sure your walking toddler isn’t hindered by a diaper that can’t keep up with them.

We all know why it’s important to have a stock of diapers on hand. So to help you make the transition from regular infant diapers to the better fitting Pamper’s Cruisers you can get an instant savings of $8 AND free shipping or Club Pickup (where available) when you buy two packages of Pampers diapers at Sam’s Club.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Now you can stock up your new supply of Pampers Cruisers for your walking baby at a more affordable price at Sam’s Club.

I love to get my diapers at Sam’s club because not only can I save a bundle, I can easily get in, get my diapers and get out in record time with the Scan & Go App. I simply scan each item as I put it in my cart. Then simply click “Check out” and I can bypass the long lines at the checkout counter. 

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

And there is no need for keeping track of coupons. The savings will be automatically calculated when you check out at the register in-club, with the Scan & Go app or on


Celebrate your Baby’s First Steps! 


Now your baby is walking. After all that you have read, you may be feeling a little dishearted or fearful of what is to come. But it’s not all bad!

You will have the blessing of watching your sweet baby develop a stronger personality that will have you laughing and in awe each day.

Your baby will develop a stronger sense of confidence as they learn how to control their own body and experience the increased independence from Mom and Dad.

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

Not to mention you no longer have to carry all the bags of groceries and baby in your arms at once! Now your wee one can walk on their own into the house! Hurray for less awkward juggling moments or the fear of dropping things because you have a wiggly baby in your arms. And your back is going to love baby’s new freedom of walking on their own!

So take this time to celebrate baby’s first steps! This is a glorious milestone! Make it special for baby! Make a big deal out of baby’s first steps!

What to expect after baby's first steps & 10 things to prepare for

And then get them excited for their new Pampers Cruisers with an Adorable Gender Neutral Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake! You get to stock up on new diapers designed for a walking baby, and your baby will be so excited for such a fun diaper cake that is just for them!

Easy Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake for a fabulous Baby shower

And don’t forget to take advantage of the Sam’s Club deal of saving $8 off two packages of Pampers diapers!


How do you prepare for Baby’s First Steps?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G. The opinions and text are all mine.

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